About Bee

Hi. People call me Bee. I dabble in many things, though I am now trying to perfect my skills and eliminate some of my passtimes. I play with acrylics, fabrics, words, trinkets, and guitar. I grow food to sustain myself, but being a organic farmer is also the foundation of my means of subsistence. I am an educator – I teach people of all ages about all sorts of topics related to Earth and growing food, art and creativity, and spirituality and yoga.

I strive to be “a critical pedagogue, working in community with values of humility and compassion, seeing the educational relationship as one of mutual humanisation with loving commitment to people at its core.” (p.54 of Ledwith 2012)

Indeed, I have a passion for teaching. Especially when it comes to yoga, which has shaped my life for the past eight years. I live, move and breathe yogic philosophy and I am intent on teaching free classes weekly. I strive to make traditionnal yoga accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Positively-Bee is a platform for me to express and share my humanity with the world. I know that by sharing the wisdom we all have we can all become wiser.

I am a very eclectic being

at times a sporadic duckling

indulging in magnetic unraveling

other times in magnific expanding


I am animalistic, and botanic

academic and acrobatic

charismatic but enigmatic

heliotropic, eternally metamorphic


I am a warrior of the flower

I smell of patchouli and myrrh

some call me the water bearer

I like to think of myself as a cosmic healer


I sew




and pictures



light as a feather

I seek to dream of the dreamer

to become a murmur of nature

a manipulator of ether


so if you don’t mind leaf hoarders

and ecstatic sun worshippers

I propose to you, my lover

will you be my beekeeper?

Writing ‘Beekeeping’ was a scary self-exploration that turned out to be much better than I had expected. I’m getting used to not underestimating or overestimating myself. It’s a continuous process of finding ease and tranquility.

Enjoy every moment, every breath.


Bee xx