Our Dream

In a utopic world, humans would be living in harmony with the natural systems of the Earth, with all living beings, and amongst themselves.

Such a world would be organized in a panoply of small self-sustaining communities where humans would be working alongside the land to produce food, medicine, fiber, fuel, building materials, and tools. The forest being the most biodiverse (thus resilient) and abundant system of nature, most of the communities would be nestled within the woodlands.

Living in small co-creative communities would require the specialized talents of every single individual, hence making everyone feel fulfilled in their work. People wouldn’t have to work much either; strength comes in numbers and two people working together can accomplish much more than two individuals working separately. By accomplishing all communal work together, people would have time to work on creative projects, and – most importantly – to educate the children. A lot of energy would be put into facilitating personal growth, skill development and intellectual pursuits of the children, as they would be the foundation of the community’s sustainability.

Everyone would be consuming according to their needs, without excess. Dwellings would be as small as possible for the wellbeing of the humans living within it, and things like cars and tools would be shared communally in order to reduce the number of them. This philosophy of minimalism is intertwined within deep respect for the forest and Nature, as She nourishes and sustains everyone and everything. Humans would experience that profound interdependence on a day to day basis.

All communities would be linked together through appropriate technology ethically produced by communities that have easy access to those resources. Each community would specialize in one industry, related to their geographic location (hence, their resource accessibility), and trade with others for things they cannot make themselves. All communities would have the opportunity to come together at different times of the year to trade technologies, crafts, tools, food, medicine, or clothing that would be specific to their region. Ideally, solar-powered trains would link all regions together, facilitating travel for merchants.

People would lead holistically healthy lifestyles, rooted within a strong sense of belonging. Humans would be vibrating at such a high level of consciousness that hatred, anxiety, anger, jealousy, resentment and such negative emotions would not exist. Peace and harmony would reign, within and without, as people would remain equanimous regardless of the situation in which they found themselves. This is our dream. This is our future.