Let go. Let go. Let go. Surrender. Your body is heavy as a rock. Sinking into Earth.


Breathe again. Hard.

Let it all out. Let it go. Surrender.

Open your heart. Let it heal. Breathe into its healing. Feel the expansion. The blossoming. The spread of wildflowers blazing.

Breathe in possibilities. Breathe out all that is holding you back. All your limitations.

Breathe. Hard. Love yourself. Feel the expansion in your chest. See the flowers.

See your throat. Breathe in. Know your truth, settle into your truth, let it out HARD.

Open your chest, your throat, yourSelf. Let it heal.

Focus on your third eye. Look within. Witness the beautiful, beautiful jungle inside. It is you. Unfolding with life. Slow. Peaceful. Loving-blossoming.

Feel the breeze against the side of your face. The tingling. Sensation, bringing you deeper, further. See with your mind’s eye. The jungle is there.

The breeze. Bringing you back to the healing. Deeper, further. Feel it piercing through you. Feel every single cell inside and through. Healing. Blooming.

See. See with the omniscient eye inside the layers, past the layers within. The peaceful jungle. Full of slow, timeless life.

Sometimes the breathing stops. You don’t know what or where or how or whatever. But you. Know. This.

Your whole body. Tingling. Exhilarating.

Soaring. Ecstasy.

Feel everything.

Breath underneath your wings.

Surrender, surrender, deeper, deeper.



And explode in a chaos of sensations. Rush to the surface. Wiggle. Try to feel something concrete – material.

Here we are. The floor is there. Your toes are there. Ahhhh, your breath is there.

Roll to one side. Everything is loose. Jelly.

Push weakly up. Are you up? Woah. The world is spinning, even with eyes closed. You want to go back – the jungle, the eye, the tingling, the soaring. It all flashes before you.

You sit. Open. Giving, receiving, existing. Being.

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. You bow to the divinity. Inside, outside – it doesn’t matter. Being.

‘omniprésence’ by Bee

wake yourself

it is waking that understands sleep and not sleep that understands waking

C.S. Lewis

I was taken aback when I read this in C.S. Lewis’ book, Perelandra, the other night. I re-read the sentence, again and again for a few minutes and thought about it.

Really, it is true that when we are in a state of dreaming or sleeping or even ignorance, we have no idea. When we make mistakes, we don’t know that’s what we’re actually doing before doing it. Otherwise, we wouldn’t do it.

And so it would be foolish to look back to a time when we were ignorant and made a mistake, harbouring guilt for something we were unaware of. I do that. I want so very much to be discerning and humble and enthusiastic and generous that sometimes I forget that I am human. That I am allowed to make mistakes; it’s part of my nature.

It’s also very easy to get frustrated with someone that is being ignorant or making a mistake in our perspective. Who do we think we are – judging what someone else should be doing? We have no idea what they’re thinking and feeling and what they went through before performing that action. We can think that we do know, but really we are always only guessing. It’s not our responsibility to take inventory of what ‘good’ or ‘bad’ things people are doing.

Don’t complain about the snow on your neighbor’s rook, when your own doorstep is unclean.


And so here lies another lesson. Cut yourself (yes you, and me, and everyone) some slack. Be understanding and empathetic. This is what I am focusing on.