Verse 27 – Tao Te Ching

A knower of Truth

travels without leaving a trace

speaks without causing harm

gives without keeping an account

The door he shuts, though having no lock,

cannot be opened

The knot he ties, though using no cord,

cannot be undone

The Sage is always on the side of virtue

so everyone around him prospers

He is always on the side of truth

so everything around him is fulfilled

The path of the Sage is called

“The Path of Illumination”

He who gives himself to his path

is like a block of wood

that gives itself to the chisel –

Cut by cut it is honed to perfection

Only a student who gives himself

can receive the master’s gift

If you think otherwise,

despite your knowledge, you have blundered

Giving and receiving are one

This is called,

“The great wonder”

“The essential mystery”

“The very heart of all that is true”

Lao Tzu, translated by Jonathan Star

Once again

Namaste darlings,

It’s been a bit more than a year since I’ve come back to this space, and I am really excited about revisiting. I am thinking of writing consistently again, sharing my adventures and thoughts since I am now off into the world once more. Some of you are new to this newsletter; some of you have been here with me while I was doing my yoga teacher training; most importantly we’re all here, sharing this space of questions, learnings, growth, and opportunities. Thank you. I will be writing in English, as this is the language that is most common amongst my friends and family. I apologize if you feel disconcerted; please feel free to also respond in French (I’m not fluent enough in Hindi yet!), and we can continue our conversation in that language. 

I have recently finished a work contract, feeding almost 120 families through weekly baskets of vegetables produced in harmony with the land. The season was amazing. I learned more than I could ever dream of; about farming, about people, about myself and what I want. I learned about relationships and healthy food and good life habits. I made friends that have become family and that I know will be there for me throughout my lifetime.

Last Friday I embarked on my most recent journey, driving from Ontario in Canada to Washington in the United-States. You know how I am; I drove 13 hours the first day, 18 hours the second and another 13 hours on the last day. I was intensely focused and determined; I would only stop to refuel my car, eating little and barely drinking water. The music fueled me, and I basically meditated the whole time.

I first drove through a snowstorm, bad road conditions and backed up traffic because of snow-plows. It was stressful but exhilarating, hence exhausting. I then drove through the prairies and felt heart-wrenching sadness and frustration at the endless sea of monoculture fields. I thought “This is not agriculture. This is exploitation.” I cannot even begin to imagine the number of pesticides and herbicides that are being sprayed on this 2000 km expanse of grains. The sickness that it brings to people. The sickness and death that it brings to the land. Now that the season has come to an end, most of this land consists of bare, exposed soil, and I could almost hear the scarce biodiversity of the soil screaming for help, slowly dying from the wrath of the elements. This re-ignites my passion to regenerate land, heal the earth and its people.

Passing through the Canadian Rockies found me with tearful eyes, in awe of such grandiose beauty. It’s extravagant, really. The mountains, the winds, the birds, the goats, and the horses… everything coming together in such majesty. They call me, the mountains. I can feel my body vibrating in response to it. I don’t know how I will ever be able to leave this place.
There was the desert, too. In Idaho and in eastern Washington. Interestingly haunting, beautiful desolation. Rolling hills with bare grass or low-lying bushes that stretch to the horizon. I was parched simply by looking out the window. 

And finally, the coastal forest. Oh so splendid. The 60 to 70 feet high conifers, the ferns and mosses ondulating in the misty mountains. This is my home base, for now. I’m living in a small cabin overlooking the sea, with my partner, Michael. We are reunited after spending three months apart, excited to embark on a new journey together. First, as always, comes the re-alignment, the transparency, and the understanding. Relationships take a lot of work, but with the right intentions, they are so rewarding.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what wholesome health means… Not only is it comprised of feeding your body healthy food, but it’s also about feeding your mind healthy, empowering information. Being out in nature and exercising. Let’s not forget the soul here either; mindfulness and acceptance are HUGE. But one of the most important concepts that I think is missing in our society is creativity. We all have the capacity to be ingenious, to take two ‘things’ and create something completely different out of them. That’s what makes us human. That’s what distinguishes us from other animals. It’s part of who we are as a species and it breaks my heart to see the ‘norm’ being so disconnected from that co-creative reality. *for the adventurous ones I would love to hear your reflections on taking up a new creative pastime, let me know what you’re thinking*

This is it for now. I am spending my time writing, reading, and painting; hopeful to continue selling my art somehow. (hey, let me know if that interests you!) I’m also running around in the forest and jumping amongst the tree carcasses on the beach while writing poetry.

And now, the most exciting part – is you! How are all of you lovely people? And what sort of projects, thoughts, and questions have you been up to? I am looking forward to connecting and re-connecting again soon.

Love and Light,