Let go. Let go. Let go. Surrender. Your body is heavy as a rock. Sinking into Earth.


Breathe again. Hard.

Let it all out. Let it go. Surrender.

Open your heart. Let it heal. Breathe into its healing. Feel the expansion. The blossoming. The spread of wildflowers blazing.

Breathe in possibilities. Breathe out all that is holding you back. All your limitations.

Breathe. Hard. Love yourself. Feel the expansion in your chest. See the flowers.

See your throat. Breathe in. Know your truth, settle into your truth, let it out HARD.

Open your chest, your throat, yourSelf. Let it heal.

Focus on your third eye. Look within. Witness the beautiful, beautiful jungle inside. It is you. Unfolding with life. Slow. Peaceful. Loving-blossoming.

Feel the breeze against the side of your face. The tingling. Sensation, bringing you deeper, further. See with your mind’s eye. The jungle is there.

The breeze. Bringing you back to the healing. Deeper, further. Feel it piercing through you. Feel every single cell inside and through. Healing. Blooming.

See. See with the omniscient eye inside the layers, past the layers within. The peaceful jungle. Full of slow, timeless life.

Sometimes the breathing stops. You don’t know what or where or how or whatever. But you. Know. This.

Your whole body. Tingling. Exhilarating.

Soaring. Ecstasy.

Feel everything.

Breath underneath your wings.

Surrender, surrender, deeper, deeper.



And explode in a chaos of sensations. Rush to the surface. Wiggle. Try to feel something concrete – material.

Here we are. The floor is there. Your toes are there. Ahhhh, your breath is there.

Roll to one side. Everything is loose. Jelly.

Push weakly up. Are you up? Woah. The world is spinning, even with eyes closed. You want to go back – the jungle, the eye, the tingling, the soaring. It all flashes before you.

You sit. Open. Giving, receiving, existing. Being.

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. You bow to the divinity. Inside, outside – it doesn’t matter. Being.

‘omniprésence’ by Bee

We Are All Different

I found this book in my grandma’s basement a month ago. I was skeptical when I read the title – The Life You Were Born to Live: a Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose – as I already have my own philosophy of life and I know what my purpose here is. Regardless, something within compelled me to take it and read it, so I did. And I am so grateful.

Opening the book I had no idea it was going to be based on Numerology. Before reading Millman’s take on it I had some knowledge of the system but didn’t give much credit to it. Kind of like astrology. I can see what makes both systems appealing, and some things I can identify with, but I’m not a fervent follower of anything but my own realizations. Thus, the skepticism prevailed.

As I was looking through different life paths, reading things here and there about my friends and close ones, something hit me. Everyone has a different path. Different purposes. Different battles, different issues and obstacles. Different successes and achievements. It seems obvious now, but the realization was intense. I could not bring myself to read the entirety of different life paths; I could not find anything relatable in there. It talked about successes that I have never experienced, and discussed hurdles that I could not even fathom struggling with.  

on the mountain path of personnal evolution, as we work to fulfill our life purpose, we engage in a creative struggle with negative or undevelopped tendencies related to our life purpose.

Dan Millman

We all have a different purpose. Different lived experiences. Different processes to get to where we’re going. This whole time, I had been talking about my path as if I had figured out The Path. As if I knew what Life is all about and that everyone had to go through the same struggles that I went through. That everyone had to gather the same pieces of wisdom that I did. Then how could any conversation have been interesting? I learn so much from my interactions with others; I certainly wouldn’t learn as much if we were all going the same way and following the same trail.

My ignorance leeched in my behaviours, and my partner often told me that I had a condescending way of talking about the way things are. It hurt to acknowledge, but it hurt more to think of the people that might have felt insignificant because of me. As if their struggles weren’t relevant.

This is a good lesson learned, and I am so grateful for this book to have made its appearance in my life, as things do. It’s quite an interesting volume; I definitely recommend it if you’re keen on examining your most intense defilements. Somethings are difficult to acknowledge, but being frank with ourselves is necessary to evolve. As Millman says, “even though we may begin down in the swamp, we eventually rise to the heavens.” (p.13)


I wrote this poem, reflecting on my daily morning yoga practice that I have been cultivating for seven years now. Slowly peeling different layers. I noticed a profound beauty in long-term practice and persistence. Noticing different aspects of the mind, body and soul; interconnecting and unravelling themselves.

infinite space


ethereal stars


faithful moon



divine freedom


as i salute the sun


my mind’s maelstrom



river of tranquility


simulated empathy


newfound immortality



consciousness sublime

attentiveness divine

aligned spiral vortexes

such subtle cosmic dances

profound moments, intense shift

into the morning’s deep stillness.

Verse 27 – Tao Te Ching

A knower of Truth

travels without leaving a trace

speaks without causing harm

gives without keeping an account

The door he shuts, though having no lock,

cannot be opened

The knot he ties, though using no cord,

cannot be undone

The Sage is always on the side of virtue

so everyone around him prospers

He is always on the side of truth

so everything around him is fulfilled

The path of the Sage is called

“The Path of Illumination”

He who gives himself to his path

is like a block of wood

that gives itself to the chisel –

Cut by cut it is honed to perfection

Only a student who gives himself

can receive the master’s gift

If you think otherwise,

despite your knowledge, you have blundered

Giving and receiving are one

This is called,

“The great wonder”

“The essential mystery”

“The very heart of all that is true”

Lao Tzu, translated by Jonathan Star